collaboration with the pop artist & model Josephine Shetty, also known as Kohinoorgasm

"As her shadowy, sexy alter-ego, Shetty creates synthy winding beats and releases them online...Her songs puts you in a trance...

'I made the name way before I started the project or had even conceived of it being a thing,' Shetty said. 'At that time I was just looking for some funny pun on something I could identity with culturally. I wanted to queer something. Tacking on ‘orgasm’ to ‘Koh-i-Noor’ was like queering some cultural trope for me, also evoking a history in a word that is so storied and tacking on a new history to it too...'" - full series on Kajal Magazine

music https://soundcloud.com/kohinoorgasm

model josephine shetty
photography jasdeep kang
styling pragya bhatt & reva bhatt
art direction jasdeep kang & reva bhatt