Life's Phool

Sometimes you find yourself in a psychological and emotional space you don't recognize - or maybe you do but can't pinpoint the specifics. This piece explores the internal monologue during the period you start to observe patterns within your mental health. It's about getting to know yourself, being able to identify your own emotions, and revisiting phases of your life that you're better equipped to cope with each time around.

For every time you've been in a funk and didn't even know. This time you recognize the patterns. Sleeping more than usual & still somehow being tired. Why do you have to shower or get ready? It's not like you're meeting up with anyone. Everyday tasks seem mundane. You're just going to watch an episode of Silicon Valley. Maybe one more episode. Okay, last one. What're you doing? You're not happy. You're not inspired.  Is life mocking you, making a fool of you, testing you? Your minds telling you to get out, but it's just a little beyond reach. 

But... you're better than this. This is just a phase. You've been in this place before. And you got out. You thrived. Get out. What's the source of the problem? 

You're better than this. 
You're better equipped this time. Baby steps. You are life's phool*. Good energy, inspiring people. Get up every day and step outside. Shift your perspective. Smell the flowers on your way to work. Absorb the sun. 

You're better than this.

*phool translates to flower in Hindi

photography michael mainenti, @mmainenti
styling & art direction reva bhatt, @hybridhues