Neither Here, Nor There

This piece explores the generational divide between immigrant children and their new standing geographical positions. The sari serves as a cultural motif connecting a sisterhood of indian womxn that are trying to reclaim their hyphenated identities. They work together in creating and supporting their identities within a community they chose to embrace and grow within.

We light diye to celebrate Diwali, but also exchange gifts for Christmas later in the year. We switch codes between our broken mother tongues and english like chameleons adjusting to our environments. We appreciate the craftsmanship of a sari, but prefer jeans for our day to day. We visit our ancestral lands with the comfort being able to come back home.

So you see we can speak of our heritage, but from a vastly different perspective - the perspective of the first generation to have grown up predominantly in the west and the last generation to have direct blood relations to India. We have the luxury of hand picking philosophies and parts of our culture from a privileged position. We are neither here, nor there; yet we strive to connect to our roots, while also finding our place in a society that tries to silence and undermine us.

photography jasdeep kang
styling pragya bhatt & reva bhatt