Not Your Dulhan

Pictured from Left to Right: Shreya Kumar, Josephine Shetty, Priyanka Kanse

"Not Your Dulhan" explores how 3 different womxn challenge the stereotypes and expectations surrounding the “perfect dulhan” (bride) within the South Asian community. Despite their unique backgrounds, these womxn share a thread of common experience which they express through small acts of resistance in an effort to redefine the institution of marriage. #NotYourDulhan is about these womxn transcending beyond the guilt of choosing themselves by reclaiming a level of consciousness.

photography jasdeep kang@jpedestrian
art direction reva bhatt, @hybridhues
on-set art direction pragya bhatt@mynds_eye


"Not Your Dulhan" was showcased at the "Whose World Is This" Exhibit at Sol Collective in March 2016.